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Tuesday: March 9, 2010

Daily Grind: Nerdy

Name: Vin (aka levelup+1)
How Vin feels today: Nerdy @ 2:55:41 PM
What Vin really wants today: Finish up remaining work tasks and attempt to get some time in playing a certain RPG video game that sounds vaguely similar to 'Shminal Shmantasy' at some point this evening. Insert traditional battle victory theme here.

Music Stuck in Head: Call it Love / God Street Wine
Continuing the celebration of the recently announced GSW reunion. You can have a listen to this rare jazzy track over on

Stuff to do today:

  • Purchase Final Fantasy XIII from semi-local NYC area Best Buy
  • Semi-local = four subway stops from work location (meh)
  • Ignore reviews complaining about PS3 versus Xbox 360 quality
  • Finally post new photo to photoblog

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Monday: March 8, 2010

Daily Grind: Fantastic

Name: Vin (aka hat tipper)
How Vin feels today: Fantastic @ 2:11:12 PM
What Vin really wants today: To continue absorption of certain programming material for a certain mobile platform in a certain amount of uncertain time.

Music Stuck in Head: Electrocute / God Street Wine
Mostly in honor of the recent God Street Wine reunion announcement that was just recently posted. Must. Contain. Excitement. Link here for those interested.

Stuff to do today:

  • Continue containing excitement
  • Attempt to purchase tickets to said reunion shows first
  • Seems like it's a good week to be a fan of jambands past and present
  • And by 'present' meaning this little Phish link that popped up this week
  • Attend movie in full-on Avatar costume for giggles (since it will most likely be in 3D and all)
  • Ben Stiller FTW - abandon previous to-do item 
  • Get back to iPhone development

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Monday: July 20, 2009

You just might be able to order a venti beer at your local Starbucks one day.You just might be able to order a venti beer at your local Starbucks one day.

The new store is an attempt by the struggling coffee company to boost sales especially during evening hours, USA Today reported. If the first beer selling location in Seattle is successful, others will follow, a Starbucks source said.

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Monday: June 29, 2009

A handy tutorial on how to turn your mini-fridge into a wine refrigerator.A handy tutorial on how to turn your mini-fridge into a wine refrigerator.

Wine refrigerators can be very expensive, with even the cheapest models running about two hundred dollars. So why buy one when you can convert your mini-fridge into a fully functioning wine refrigerator in just a few simple steps?

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Thursday: July 12, 2007

God Street Wine and the Post of Terminal Fandom.

While aimlessly surfing the web this evening I came across this fantastic writeup about my favorite band, God Street Wine. Anyone who knows me outside of a nutshell knows that this is my favorite band. The irony, at least from what I can tell, is that its nobody else's favorite band outside of maybe one or two people (and the rest of the Winos). I was shocked tat one day I actually had to convince a fellow co-worker (and fellow jamband fan) that God Street Wine was not in fact, a Christian rock band (read that again, Inverso). That aside, I probably saw this band over fifty times throughout their career and loved each and every show. The music of the band struck a big chord with me and it still does years after the band stopped playing. So basically I'd like to share this article with all of you along with some YouTube vids that are making me even more nostalgic. Enjoy and happy GSWing.

God Street Wine on Conan O'Brien - tight performance of 'RU4 Real'

Live at The Wetlands - look closely I'm somewhere in that sea of people.

Borderline from 3/1/1998 - no idea where

Live at the Wetlands - The Ballroom

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