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Wednesday: October 21, 2009

Daily Grind: Hoarse

Name: Vin (aka house of flu)
How Vin feels today: Hoarse @ 7:04:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Continue loading up on various vitamins and anti-flu type medicines. Remind self to get flu shot prior to flu season actually starting next year.

Music Stuck in Head: Stomp the House / The Fresh Beat Band
Thank you Nick Jr. Who can I flog for putting this show in the face of my three year old?

Stuff to do today:

  • Apologize for limited posting of weekdaily links, influenza has taken hold of my entire family
  • Be better prepared next season, actually get flu shot
  • Launch various work projects from home
  • Check out some of the latest and greatest gadgets whilst I've been sick
  • That new Apple mouse looks even more ergonomically uncomfortable than the previous version
  • On the other hand, that Barnes and Noble e-reader is quite enticing
  • Note that above product actually requires desire to read publications with more than thirty pages
  • Give up, continue flu detox program

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Wednesday: August 5, 2009

Daily Grind: Stupendous

Name: Vin (aka slappy cromwell)
How Vin feels today: Stupendous @ 11:10:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: Fix bothersome server issues and shake off headache from playing Prototype until wee hours of the morning.

Music Stuck in Head: Tequila / The Champs
Shoot me.

Stuff to do today:

  • Drink additional cup of coffee to fend off drowsiness
  • Celebrate today's 20,000th weekdaily post
  • Play triumphant music, buy cake, get party favors
  • Wish Alpha an enjoyable trip on vacation back to Hawaii
  • Daydream about making plans to book trip to Hawaii for 2010
  • Attempt to actually make plans to book trip instead
  • Going to Maui? GLM reccomends this hotel

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You are officially reading the 20,000th weekdaily link posted to GLM.You are officially reading the 20,000th weekdaily link posted to GLM.

Here's to another 20,000 more! More fun stats are at the bottom right of this page.

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