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Tuesday: June 23, 2009

Over forty essential front end web developer cheat sheets just for you.Over forty essential front end web developer cheat sheets just for you.

Makes for some handy nerd wallpaper for your room or office.

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Friday: June 19, 2009

A tutorial on how to turn your home computer into a web server in just two minutes.A tutorial on how to turn your home computer into a web server in just two minutes.

Complete with real-world examples as to why you would want to do this. Enjoy and good luck.

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Thursday: June 18, 2009

Ten ways to make your site accessible using web standards.Ten ways to make your site accessible using web standards.

Another quality post from Smashing Magazine that covers everything from doctypes to validation. This post is a great read for all of my fellow web development nerds.

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Wednesday: June 17, 2009

Ten web design rules that you can actually break.Ten web design rules that you can actually break.

Of course you have to break them remarkably well to constitute stunning web design.

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Monday: June 15, 2009

New website will gladly make decisions for you.New website will gladly make decisions for you.

Great. One less problem.

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Tuesday: February 27, 2007

Intro to Web Design

I always road-test these comics on several people before I throw them up here. Out of all seven people I was still the only one who thought this was remotely funny. Nerd alert.

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Wednesday: January 24, 2007

Future Conversations

It's true, I actually wear a tie at home - all the time. My wife is still mad at me for making my daughter look so hideous in comic-form. Seriously, a bow? Is that Ms. Pac-Man?

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Friday: October 27, 2006

Deal sites you may not have known about, but should.

You can really find some great bargains on the Internet if you know where to look. Over the past couple of years I've gotten into the habit of browsing deal sites on a daily basis. Here are some of my favorite surf points I like to check out when I have some free time to bargain shop.


    If you don't know about by now you should. Woot showcases a different product on a daily basis with significantly near-closeout prices. The end result is a price tag on certain items that you probably would have a hard time finding anywhere else. For the better deal gems of Woot, its better to visit their site first thing in the morning as there is usually a set quantity of items they are selling (and hot items will sell out fast). Get yourself a copy of the dashboard widget to be more prepared for the morning rush on popular deal days. In addition, they will occasionally have a 'woot-off' in which multiple items are sold off while supplies last throughout the day.


    This site is great simply because the design is well thought out which makes it very easy to find the things you're looking for thanks to the inclusion of product thumbnails. Another great thing about this site is the variety of deals. Deals can range anywhere from tech schwag to household goods and kitchen items. You never know when a kitchen gadget may come in handy (especially if the price is right). There is also a dashboard widget for my fellow Mac OS X users.


    A must stop for every Mac addict. Dealmac is simply a terrific resource to get all kinds of deals on Mac related products. A perfect place to shop for the best iPod and iPod accessory prices for that perfect holiday gift. Of course this site isn't just about Mac products as it branches out into other types of techie items such as PDAs and cell phones. Like, takes the time out to include thumbnails (a welcome addition) that keep me checking back their site on a daily basis. I am also a fan of this site simply because they too took the time out to make a nifty dashboard widget so I can self-obsess over product purchases even further. One last side note, dealmac is just one of five sites in the deal-insert-subject-here sites. You can also browse, a great resource for getting the cheapest prices on memory, as well as if you're in the market for a digital camera.


    So you've found a great deal on Mac hardware via - now what about software? If you're looking for software on the cheap for your beloved Apple, then look no further. Everyday there is a new program up for purchase from shareware developers all around the Mac community at very reasonable prices. If you're looking for a productivity application or just an extra game for your laptop you should swing by this site often. From time to time this site will offer a 'mysteryZOT' - multiple software packages thrown together in one deal at an extremely low price. You can also take comfort in knowing that when you purchase a piece of software from MacZot - you are encouraging (and possibly feeding) the potentially struggling shareware developer.

  • always gets a daily visit from me as well. I also like this site due to its core simplicity. The deals here are usually of the techie variety, and that's just fine with me. There is one tiny thing that bugs me about this site - it takes two clicks to get to the actual deal. A minor annoyance however to find the cheap deals on products.


    Another site where you may discover some great bargains is This site has a broad range of categories of deals. So much so, that it deservered a mention on this list. Out of all the sites listed I enjoy SlickDeals the most simply for its variety. From cheap DVD's to feather down comforters, this site is worth a visit for the online bargain shopper.


    Crocodeals is a deal site that wants you to know about 'wild online discounts' - and that's not a problem as long as they deliver on said slogan. Thankfully, they usually do. Most of the items from this site tend to be of the tech genre, but they manage to sprinkle in a vacuum cleaner bargain every now and then. Sadly, there is no dashboard widget as of this posting, but I will give this site due credit since it makes use of thumbnails (which makes skimming the deals all that much easier for those of us on the go).

And there you have it. In parting I will give off a handy tip that will speed up your search of online bargains. Bookmark all of the afforementioned sites into a folder. When you're ready to hunt for deals, right click on the bookmarks folder and choose 'open in tabs' (this should work in either Firefox or Internet Explorer 7). All of your sites will open in one window and you can, in a very real sense, do some quick window shopping.

With Black Friday rapidly approaching, it may be worth visiting these sites more often than usual. I say this because several of the places in the above list make special sections for this mass consumer event where you can usually find even bigger bargains if you poke around enough. And before you ask, no, none of the listed websites paid me to say that (I wished they did).

Any deal sites you feel we might have overlooked? Leave a comment for the rest of us.

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Friday: July 14, 2006

The benefits of webrooting.

Ever wanted to ensure a smoother transition when uploading your newly designed website to your newly purchased web server space? Rolling up your sleeves and setting up a webroot in your code may save you some time and some unnecessary headaches.


Setting up a webroot is simple if your code is structured in a semantic way already. My general practice in designing websites is to give myself virtual include files for the header and footer of the site in question. This way, making global changes is far more easier than having to make individual changes to your website page by page. For those of you advanced web designers this is probably second nature. For those just starting out, this method will save you lots of time. The main content of the page generally lives between the two calls to the header and footer includes (see above example for diagram, if confused).

The next step is to set up the actual webroot variable in your code. You may preferably want to do this in your header include file so that each time a page is loaded, this variable carries over to the rest of your content. In this tutorial, I am going to show how to set up a webroot using ASP (my programming language of choice). The same concept can be applied to those of you who use PHP; you just need to use the proper syntax (which escapes me at the moment).


So lets begin by declaring a variable intuitively called 'WebRoot' for this example. Set this variable equal to whatever folder you are currently coding your website in. In my case, I had been working locally in a folder called 'glm_06' so my webroot becomes '/glm_06/' (the beginning and end slashes are important, we'll get to that later).

Then in the content of your pages start adding this variable to your image tags, anchor tags, and basically any part of your site that has a path pointing to something in your local work folder where your site lives.


You may be asking, why not just avoid this method and just point paths to where they are supposed to go without using this variable? One advantage right off the bat is working with subfolders. If you happen to have a portion of your site that you want to encapsulate into a folder underneath your main work folder, webrooting makes things a whole lot easier. By using a webroot your paths will line up automatically to the root of your server (hence the term webrooting) rather than you having to adjust every single image and href path to work in said subfolder (rather than having to make image paths line up by changing the source path to '../img/' for example).

Finally, this method comes in handy when you need to push your website to a live environment. If your web host demands that all of your HTML documents must live within a designated part of the server, all you would need to do is change the webroot variable in your top include file to sync things up.

While there is nothing groundbreaking here in terms of coding, I felt like explaining the benefits of this methodology because it has helped me out in the past. It may be of more use to those who are just starting out with web programming and don't use this kind of structure. It could possibly save some frustration and be a time saver in the long run.

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