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Tuesday: May 5, 2009

Survey shows only three federal websites outdo Google on satisfaction.Survey shows only three federal websites outdo Google on satisfaction.

And of those three websites, all of them are run by the Social Security Administration. That's at least somewhat comforting.

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Tuesday: August 14, 2007

Google thinks I have bipolar disorder.

I recently installed some new ads here and there across my site. The intent being to make a little pocket change to cover hosting costs of this site. In all honesty this site has never made that much money in terms of advertisements. Of course, I have no problem with that - I don't continually update this site for monetary gain (slight OCD). Anyway, basically all of the ad spots you see are Google referrals. You sign up for something, I get a small cut (very small). But here's where it gets interesting. While updating my beloved daily grind section, I noticed a peculiar ad:

Usually these ads are determined by relevant content on page (at least I think they are, I though referrals didn't follow this logic). Can Google really tell that I'm talking to myself? And I'm not bipolar. Really, I'm not.

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