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Wednesday: November 25, 2009

Microsoft decides to make .NET micro framework free and open source.Microsoft decides to make .NET micro framework free and open source.

The gift to the open source community, however, does come with some strings attached -- or, rather, removed from the gift wrapping. Microsoft reduced some of the framework's functionality in making the Software Developer's Kit open source

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Wednesday: October 14, 2009

Your beloved iPhone may get FM radio functionality with a software update.Your beloved iPhone may get FM radio functionality with a software update.

This wouldn't be the first time Apple awoke sleeping hardware functionality from its mobile products.  Apple sometimes chooses to leave hardware features dormant in their products until they feel the time is right.

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Monday: August 24, 2009

Daily Grind: Sickly

Name: Vin (aka snifflegag)
How Vin feels today: Sickly @ 3:05:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To go home, drink copious amounts of NyQuil, and then pass out.

Music Stuck in Head: None
The sound of my own coughs and sneezes is enough, thanks.

Stuff to do today:

  • Continue testing out additional small functional and cosmetic changes to GLM
  • What new changes you ask? Allow me to divulge...
  • Thumbnails have 3D-shadowy style instead of the clunky inset one from before
  • 'Popular today' functionality on the top of each day's worth of links
  • Design should be more 'IE6' friendly as well as more 'lower-resolution-buy-a-new-computer' friendly
  • Encourage readers to point out any bugs found by posting a comment to this entry
  • Another twenty bucks says no one leaves a comment
  • Stop making useless bets with self

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