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Tuesday: June 16, 2009

Barcodes could be used to reveal extended information about your food's credentials.Barcodes could be used to reveal extended information about your food's credentials.

Most manufacturers already use barcodes or RFID chips to track their products. But with the help of cheap cellphone and internet access it is becoming possible to collate data from remote locations around the world and make it available to the people who are actually going to eat the food.

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Fourteen of the strangest canned foods you'll see today.Fourteen of the strangest canned foods you'll see today.

Mmm... canned scorpions.

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Monday: March 3, 2008

Photoblog: Cookie Time

The result of ordering the 'jumbo cookie' from the diner menu. Mmmm... jumbo cookie.


Eastchester, New York

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Tuesday: October 9, 2007

McDonald's customers are a dedicated people.

'I'm sorry sir, we're not selling four piece packs of Chicken McNuggets at this location anymore.'

The man then became irate, demanding why this particular Manhattan McDonald's location did not sell his particularly favorite item. He was so mad that he began cursing out the woman behind the counter who had a distinct 'what the fuck' look in her eyes.

'But it's still up on your menu up there,' he pointed to the large legible line where the four piece item he wanted was clearly labeled. 'I want four piece McNuggets!'

'I understand, but as of today we're not selling them anymore.' replied the cashier.

More obscenities flew, people started to stare. 'This is bullshit, I want my four piece. Why can I not have my four piece. I see you making them right there. Just give me a box of four and charge them to me.' Followed by obscenity, obscenity, something I couldn't quite make out and another obscenity.

Right then the cashier decided to alert the irate customer of an astonishing fact.

'We still have the six piece McNuggets sir.'
'Are they fried the same way? Do they taste the same?' the man questioned.
'Yes sir, there's just two more nuggets than the four piece.'

'Alright then, I take one of them.' he replied calmly.

I love people.

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