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Monday: July 23, 2007

Drumming through YouTube.

It's always great when you can get nostalgic over an old lost video tape and then years later find most of its content on YouTube. Some years ago one of my favorite VHS tapes to watch was the 'Buddy Rich Memorial Scholarship Concert'. It got lost in the shuffle of college, moving, marriage, traveling years later and now it's probably buried somewhere in my parent's basement (along with my set of drums, other instructional drum videos, Slytherin's Locket, Hufflepuff's Cup, etc, etc) Basically, it's a great video that shows off some of my favorite drummers doing their thing. The last video entitled 'drum trio' is especially fun to watch (even if you're not a drummer). Enjoy.

Dave Weckl - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy

Vinne Colaiuta - (title of song unknown)

Steve Gadd - Keep the Customer Satisifed

Dave Weckl, Vinne Colaiuta, Steve Gadd - Drum Trio

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