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Monday: February 1, 2010

De-motivational posters through the ultimately motivating eye of Photoshop.De-motivational posters through the ultimately motivating eye of Photoshop.

Go ahead, hang some of these up on your walls (framing optional) and start demotivating yourself today. You'll thank yourself later when you start to feel motivated again. Just look up, problem solved.

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Thursday: August 30, 2007

Five demotivational tactics to keep your blog stagnant.

Are you a blogger? Do you have something to say? Below is a handy list that will outline how to keep your blog boring, uninteresting, and certainly not entertaining. Refer to it before hitting the submit button for new posts.

  1. Voice

    When writing a blog post keep in mind that nobody cares what you have to say. You are not important. Stop crying.

  2. Originality

    While you may think your post is fresh and original, chances are that someone has already posted the same blog post about that particular topic you wanted to write about. Give up.

  3. Writing skills

    Your blog writing is probably not as good as that other blogger, and less funny too. The truth hurts.

  4. Design

    Get a generic blog template that looks like everyone else (plus one for polka dots). This way people who happen to visit someone else's site will mistake it for yours.

  5. Circulation

    Don't update your blog, ever. And certainly don't keep an RSS feed of your scribblings either. You don't need the traffic, but you probably aren't getting traffic anyway.

Note: writing a blog post about demotivational methods is a healthy way to keep your blog fresh and exciting.

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