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Thursday: August 20, 2009

Daily Grind: Hyper

Name: Vin (aka timbit hoarder)
How Vin feels today: Hyper @ 1:35:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To stop eating the Timbits that are staring me in the face directly outside of my office. Damn you, Timbits.

Music Stuck in Head: DARE / Gorillaz
Stumbled across the video for this song on YouTube. Continually reminds me of my last trip to Italy (this song was everywhere over there at the time).

Stuff to do today:

  • Play through second chapter of Monkey Island after work
  • Reviews seem to be pretty good already
  • Note that I officially owe myself twenty bucks (read yesterday's daily grind)
  • Continue working on GLM 4.5 and that special other project

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Wednesday: August 19, 2009

Daily Grind: Energetic

Name: Vin (aka link posting madman)
How Vin feels today: Energetic @ 2:22:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Figure where this burst of energy has suddenly come from, maximize full coding potential from said burst.

Music Stuck in Head: Beverly Hill / Weezer
Mostly because it was on a recommended list of songs to get kids into music (I kid you not).

Stuff to do today:

  • Note excitement for new Monkey Island episode coming out tomorrow
  • Video preview is pretty funny
  • Note video makes a little bit more sense if you've played through first episode
  • ...also helps if you are a fan of the series
  • Move onto other topics
  • Figure out way to encourage people to comment more on GLM
  • Better content? Better badges? Create logins?
  • Suggestions appreciated
  • Twenty bucks says no one comments on this post

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Thursday: August 13, 2009

Daily Grind: Slightly productive

Name: Vin (aka tweaker)
How Vin feels today: Slightly productive @ 1:17:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Take care of some work projects, prep for this weekend's road trip extravaganza (Phish @ Hartford).

Music Stuck in Head: I Gotta Feeling / Black Eyed Peas
Make it stop. Make it stop. Make it stop. And yes, that annoying Miley Cyrus song from those goddamn Wal-Mart commercials takes second place. Stop that as well.

Stuff to do today:

  • Make small cosmetic changes to GLM
  • Add popular tags call on the right hand side (scroll down)
  • Post new photo to photoblog
  • Burn some CDs for tomorrow's CT road trip
  • Mostly because I don't feel like futzing with an iPod for two hours
  • Bring camera, snap off some photos of Phish lot scene in all it's wook splendor
  • Share said photos with GLM readers

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Wednesday: August 5, 2009

Daily Grind: Stupendous

Name: Vin (aka slappy cromwell)
How Vin feels today: Stupendous @ 11:10:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: Fix bothersome server issues and shake off headache from playing Prototype until wee hours of the morning.

Music Stuck in Head: Tequila / The Champs
Shoot me.

Stuff to do today:

  • Drink additional cup of coffee to fend off drowsiness
  • Celebrate today's 20,000th weekdaily post
  • Play triumphant music, buy cake, get party favors
  • Wish Alpha an enjoyable trip on vacation back to Hawaii
  • Daydream about making plans to book trip to Hawaii for 2010
  • Attempt to actually make plans to book trip instead
  • Going to Maui? GLM reccomends this hotel

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Thursday: July 30, 2009

Daily Grind: Fed up

Name: Vin (aka dns homewrecker)
How Vin feels today: Fed up @ 2:13:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To formerly declare I am taking a much needed and well deserved day off from work tomorrow. These last two weeks have been hell. Monkey need break.

Music Stuck in Head: Mami Gato / Medeski, Martin & Wood
This album successfully got me through one of those weeks.

Stuff to do today:

  • Apologize once again for slacking on daily grind posts
  • Note that the number of weekdaily links will soon surpass 20,000
  • Hold a party for self, bake cake, buy favors
  • Pat self on back instead
  • Take suggestions from readers on how to improve GLM (leave a comment)
  • Laugh at lack of comments

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Friday: July 24, 2009

Daily Grind: Awesome

Name: Vin (aka daily grind slacker)
How Vin feels today: Awesome @ 10:46:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: Revel in recently completed projects but to continue bug testing before reveling any further. Also, to apologize for lack of daily grind entries this week, will try harder next week.

Music Stuck in Head: Weekapaug Groove / Phish
In light of the recently announced Halloween festy.

Stuff to do today:

  • Convince other half that driving from New York to Cali for a three day Phish festival is a healthy family experience
  • Plus kids under 5 get in free!
  • Find other family friendly experiences that won't cause unnecessary marital problems
  • Ask non-Phish friend about about actually going to said festival for laughs
  • Alpha: Any other bands besides Phish playing at it?
  • Me:
  • Alpha: All three days are just Phish?
  • Me: ...yes
  • Alpha's illustrated response: link
  • Settle on PAX EAST next year instead

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Wednesday: July 15, 2009

Daily Grind: Temperamental

Name: Vin (aka mic jack hero)
How Vin feels today: Temperamental @ 12:26:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Continue chugging along at this week's coding project, stop getting frustrated when something unrelated deters me from getting this programming job done.

Music Stuck in Head: Possum Kingdom / The Toadies
This song sounds way more interesting when played from a mono jack (certain aspects of song are mixed to the left and right respectively). Makes the song a little more spookier than usual.

Stuff to do today:

  • Give a birthday shout-out to Alpha
  • Rush home early today to play newly released Special Edition of Monkey Island
  • Encourage readers to visit this URL and click the big YES button
  • Cmon, help me get written into a video game
  • Stop begging

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Monday: July 13, 2009

Daily Grind: All over the place

Name: Vin (aka waxpaper eater)
How Vin feels today: All over the place @ 3:30:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Some peace and quiet. It's turning out to be quite the manic Monday.

Music Stuck in Head: Certainly nothing from HSM3
No, certainly not.

Stuff to do today:

  • Explain what today's aka actually means
  • Probably better that it's not explained
  • Note that MST3K'ing High School Musical 3 makes for a great social experiment
  • Thank Ant and Cheryl for being courageous enough to participate
  • Conclusion: some parts are so bad that no jokes can be made
  • Alternatively, some parts are downright riotous

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Friday: July 10, 2009

Daily Grind: Relaxed

Name: Vin (aka onivan of eniladam)
How Vin feels today: Relaxed @ 12:51:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: To enjoy a trouble-free Friday then to knock on wood because I typed that.

Music Stuck in Head: Star Wars Cantina Theme
Mostly because I can't stop playing with this online toy.

Stuff to do today:

  • Seriously, stop giggling like a seven year old girl
  • Continue on with Star Wars-related bullet points
  • Figure out your Star Wars name with this online generator
  • (mine is located in today's aka above)

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Wednesday: July 8, 2009

Daily Grind: Just fine

Name: Vin (aka ancient simian)
How Vin feels today: Just fine @ 3:34:00 PM
What Vin really wants today: Second day minus 'anti-stress' vitamin - feeling good. Screw you, pills!

Music Stuck in Head: Ease Back / The Meters
The hippie side of me is dancing quite awkwardly right now. Go ahead, have a Meters day - you won't regret it.

Stuff to do today:

  • Post new entry to the photoblog at some point today
  • Try out the Tales of Monkey Island demo
  • Secretly install on work computer during lunch break
  • Computer at work does not meet spec - d'oh!
  • Publicly install demo at home
  • Start working on some GLM tasks that didn't make it in time for launch
  • ...cough...POLLS...cough...DESKTOPS
  • Stop coughing

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Tuesday: June 23, 2009

Daily Grind: Irked

Name: Vin (aka glm fluffer)
How Vin feels today: Irked @ 9:24:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: Work on bug testing skills - continue fixing some annoying GLM bugs that I had thought I were previously fixed.

Music Stuck in Head: 1 vs 100 Theme / Xbox Live
Been playing way too much of this game lately. Thanks Xbox!

Stuff to do today:

  • Add more SEO hooks to all posts, see what the outcome is
  • Fix issues with encoding of pesky characters on comments
  • Remind readers that each and every item on the new GLM can be commented on
  • ...and you can even add a badge to give your comment some uh... flair?
  • Take suggestions for additional badges

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Thursday: June 18, 2009

Daily Grind: Slightly nervous

Name: Vin (aka foot tapper)
How Vin feels today: Slightly nervous @ 9:45:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: To hope that a certain experimental web project I recently worked on does not come around to bite me in the ass today. Also, to get self organized then get to some serious coding for an uninterrupted period of time.

Music Stuck in Head: Easy Lover / Phil Collins
Laugh all you want but you know you've had this song stuck in your head at one point in your life as well.

Stuff to do today:

  • Mess around with new iPhone software
  • Cut and paste all sorts of things in celebration of having cut and paste
  • Fix older XML files that have since gone stagnant since launch of GLM 4.0
  • Fix previous fix that I just put in place that managed to bork all of my XML files
  • D'oh
  • Get a better umbrella to combat week of ensuing rain
  • Finish up reading the comments on this Reddit page when (and if) work slows down

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Wednesday: June 17, 2009

Daily Grind: Not bitter

Name: Vin (aka mr. approachable)
How Vin feels today: Not bitter @ 8:45:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: To catch up on some work projects that are just little bit behind schedule. Also, the obligatory continuation of fixing bugs on this redesign - which seems to be getting less and less thankfully.

Music Stuck in Head: NICU / Phish
Play it Leo.

Stuff to do today:

  • Note the triumphant return of DotComic (look a couple posts back)
  • Draw up idea for next comic before idea falls out of head
  • Figure out why my xmlhttp requests are failing on Safari (and possibly other browsers)
  • @#%&**!
  • Debate going over to Blockbuster and renting the new Ghostbusters game
  • Figure out time in which to actually play said video game
  • Meh, reviews have been so-so anyway (again, look a couple posts back)
  • Note that 1 vs 100 on Xbox Live is actually kinda fun
  • If it goes to a pay model though, I don't think I'll be playing as much
  • ...
  • ...
  • (look a couple posts back)

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Tuesday: June 16, 2009

Daily Grind: Slightly accomplished

Name: Vin (aka glm fanboy)
How Vin feels today: Slightly accomplished @ 9:04:00 AM
What Vin really wants today: To mark that this is the first official new daily grind post of GeekLikeMe 4.0. Also state that aforementioned daily grind is now once again a weekday thing - hooray. Oh, and also to continue fixing various bugs with recently launched new version of this site.

Music Stuck in Head: Glory Days / Bruce Springsteen
Mostly because I'm curious to hear how it sounds with Phish as the backup band.

Stuff to do today:

  • Figure out a way to get more sleep
  • Update 'potentially related posts' feature on content pages, group posts together by date rather than list them out
  • Modify XML feeds
  • Figure out if pinging blog services really makes any difference at all
  • Build an auto-pinger just for good measure
  • Move on to less nerdy topics...
  • Pre-order the new Monkey Island games from Telltale at some point before July 6th
  • Yes, Monkey Island: click here for more info
  • Also get credit card ready to purchase Sam & Max for XBLA
  • I heart Telltale Games

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