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Monday: July 18, 2011

A handy list of poets ranked by... beard weight.A handy list of poets ranked by... beard weight.

Typifying a once-popular, but nowadays seldom-encountered species of turn-of-the-century ephemera,Poets Ranked by Beard Weight has become a rarity much prized by bibliophiles, and one that still stands out as a particular curiosity among the many colorful curiosities of the period. Its author, one Upton Uxbridge Underwood (1881 – 1937), was a deipnosophist, clubman, and literary miscellanist with a special interest in tonsorial subjects.

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Wednesday: July 1, 2009

Twenty undeniably awesome beards in movies.Twenty undeniably awesome beards in movies.

Everyone respects a good beard.  And we’re talking about thick, awesome beards that you have to trim with scissors before shaving off.  Goatees and those stupid line beards don’t count.  That’s high school stuff.

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