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Friday: July 7, 2006


I recently became a proud parent to a beautiful baby girl. I got to thinking about some of the pros and cons she may have while growing up with her overly geeky dad. This list probably (and obviously) does not pertain to all geeks, it's primarily speaking from my experience and current available skill sets.

On with the list:

  1. Advantage:  Multilingual skills. HTML, CSS, ASP. Sure these are programming languages, but it's a start.
    Disadvantage:  Actual foreign language skills are probably far more important. I'll leave that to my bilingual wife.

  2. Advantage:  A vast library of useless movie quotes/facts ranging from Monty Python to Count of Monte Cristo. This makes for some decent comedic timing which Dad hopes to pass on.
    Disadvantage:  Sometimes Dad isn't nearly as funny as he thinks he is... at all.

  3. Advantage:  Her Mom has a very good fashion sense.
    Disadvantage:  Her Dad, not so much.

  4. Advantage:  She will probably have every cool techie toy that comes on the market.
    Disadvantage:  Dad will have to play with it first.

  5. Advantage:  She already has a large library of modern and retro video games.
    Disadvantage:  Possible pasty white skin from lack of sunlight, just like Daddy.

  6. Advantage:  I can't cook. If you tried my cooking you would understand why this is an advantage.
    Disadvantage:  Same reason.

  7. Advantage:  I can teach her how to play up to 3 musical instruments of her choice: drums, guitar, kazoo.
    Disadvantage:  I have no athletic skills whatsoever. Seriously, none. Once again, my wife will be in charge of that skill, too.

  8. Advantage:  Dad is an avid Phish fan.
    Disadvantage:  Dad is an avid Phish fan.

  9. Advantage:  Dad doesn't do drugs of any kind despite attending many, many, many Phish shows.
    Disadvantage:  Since Dad didn't do any drugs, he has no wacky stories to tell.

  10. Advantage:  Three words - Internet Parental Control.
    Disadvantage:  Since this site is primarily PG, one day she will find out that her Dad once ran a website called GeekLikeMe.

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