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Monday: November 20, 2006

How not to steal a website design.

I came across an interesting referral in the traffic logs over the weekend. It looked like someone was trying to pull down all of the images and source for this site multiple times. Not entirely odd, this happens normally day to day whenever someone visits the site. It got a little stranger though when I started seeing my own images being called from a remote destination. Turns out someone wanted to take the latest design of and have their way with it and perhaps even call it their own. Take a look:


Looks kinda similar to this site, wouldn't you say? The pixel poaching doesn't stop with just images. It looks like along with my graphics he wanted the underlying HTML code as well. Upon looking at the source code it is almost a note-perfect copy what I had coded here - line breaks and all. And in an even more interesting move, they decided to label their 'logo' geeklikeme.gif in their source. I guess this is to remind the author where they got the design from. Brilliant!



Along with using the initial images from - he also brought along some of the fellow geeks that adorn every left side of a GLM page. Glad to see some of my existing friends get some love on a site that looks like mine, but of course is not mine at all.

What really boggles me about this act of copycatting is that there is really not a whole lot of world class design going on with my site. It's basically just a really simple layout. Why even bother going through the trouble of stealing this and not just make your own? Obviously it was easy for the copycatter to make the code work just by pulling it off the site. There also had to be some sort of Photoshop skills involved to change the actual text on the navigation buttons (although its choppy if you look real close). I guess some questions will never be answered.

The title of this site is apparently called XSU. I come to this conclusion because that's all I can make out from the logo. I am including it in this post to simply show my gratitude for the author of the XSU website for using my design and my code without my permission. Feel free to do with this logo as you wish. A quick moving around of the letters yielded SUX.

In closing, one has to ask the question if imitation really does equal flattery when and if the imitation is so very poorly done. Give XSU a look for yourself.

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