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Tuesday: August 7, 2007

Lazy cereal box marketing.

I did a double take while munching on my favorite breakfast cereal this evening (yes, this evening). See photo below and look at the key marketing feature.

What ever happened to the free toy inside? Better yet, even a coupon to get some kind of free toy by mailing a specially marked package to some place that is probably run by elves. This is just lazy. Cereal boxes used to hand out all kinds of free stuff.

Now with better taste?   I am to believe that the old taste was far worse? Stop lying to me, Post Cereal. This box of sugar still tastes exactly the same. Thanks to you I now have a sugar headache when I should be sleeping. Instead, I'm writing a blog post about crappy cereal box marketing because I'm hyper from said sugar. And wipe that goofy smile of your face Flintstone, you corporate whore.




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