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Tuesday: August 14, 2007

Google thinks I have bipolar disorder.

I recently installed some new ads here and there across my site. The intent being to make a little pocket change to cover hosting costs of this site. In all honesty this site has never made that much money in terms of advertisements. Of course, I have no problem with that - I don't continually update this site for monetary gain (slight OCD). Anyway, basically all of the ad spots you see are Google referrals. You sign up for something, I get a small cut (very small). But here's where it gets interesting. While updating my beloved daily grind section, I noticed a peculiar ad:

Usually these ads are determined by relevant content on page (at least I think they are, I though referrals didn't follow this logic). Can Google really tell that I'm talking to myself? And I'm not bipolar. Really, I'm not.

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