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Saturday: June 13, 2009

All About

Welcome to This place has been my digital playground since 2003. The origins of this website can be traced back to my college days. At that time, I decided to make a website for the jamband I played with in which I was the drummer. On that particular website I had a section in which I would post up random things found on the web into a journal section for visitors to enjoy. As time went on the flowery music (once described as 'hippies running down a hill in slow motion') dissolved. However, my fondness for posting random bits of stuff to the Internet remained. Soon after that (2004-ish) was registered as a place devoted to posting said bits. And no, I don't wear patchwork pants.

If you want to reach out to with a random bit of Internet goodness or to just to say hello decode the email address below.

Email: vin (at) geeklikeme (dot) net      Twitter:

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